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Reviews for "Butterfly -- Lock Legion"

That was very cacthy

Very nice movie. It was very well done and animated. I think you did a very nice job with the animation. It kinda sucked that it ended kinda early.

Keep up the great work :-D


The music was catchy as hell. In-movie humour and little quirks to keep the viewers attention where funny. The MOOF was just..*rolls about laughing* Thats just so random.

I love it XD

Cool movie

I love this movie. The music was perfect and so was the twist at the end.

it's ok!!!

prreety stupid but funny

ClockLock responds:

XD Thanks much, even if you did call it stupid. =D It was meant to be weird anyways... =P

Very well done

Very nice movie Clocky. It was very well done and animated. You redrew all the FLAs yourself? If so I think they look mighty fine. My only regret is that it ended a little early and I was not included ;)

But way to go n your second NG movie, and such a nice score too!

PS-Yes I am Fanta Lock.

ClockLock responds:

Whee, love! =D