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Reviews for "Butterfly -- Lock Legion"

Oh My God! That is one catchy song,

Great work clocky, plz make more like cuz i think this is just excellent! <3 :)

ClockLock responds:

Glad you liked it. ^_^ Thanks for the kind review.

Oh my god I'm addicted

All right it's official, lock legion owns my immortal soul. I can't get enough of this, it is too funny and needs to be regulated by the FCC.

ClockLock responds:

Hello, we are the Lock Legion. We run the Newgrounds restrooms. <3 Btw, thanks for the kind review.


xD That was hiliarious. When I saw the viedo, I just got the feeling it was a music video, but when banana clock cuts in XP Still laughing my friend. Nice work

ClockLock responds:

Muchas gracias. =3

do you wanna polish my sword lol

lol that rules the sound was exelent the grapics were the best i cant belive it im voting 5!!!...............bring the vaseline!!! lol XD

ClockLock responds:

Haha, it's still funny to see people reviewing this. It's pretty darn old. Well, uh, thanks for the review man. =)


That's an oldie.

ClockLock responds:

Indeed... it was my first submission to pass judgement. But I have no idea how it ended up on the Lock Legion collections page. o_o