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Reviews for "Butterfly -- Lock Legion"


omfg that was so unenxpected and the vaseline part was sooooo funny,now im in the lock legion,do a movie with me in it...please?...no?....aw damnit :(

i love your flashes!

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 3.8175 to 3.8184!

i love your flashes. :) all hail teh clock lock!

ClockLock responds:

^^; Thanks for the five and the review!

lol "moof"

Yeah that's her word. Great flash


ClockLock responds:


Vote fiven

That flash was funny. That flash was kool. THAT WAS THE BEST FLASH I'VE EVER... You get the idea. Reeeeeeeeeally good.

t-that... song

good art and its very funny... BUT NOW I CANT GET THAT MUSIC OUT OF MY HEAD!!!