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Reviews for "Butterfly -- Lock Legion"

I like your style

And how you drew all the locks yourself, you don't see that a lot. Good work. I didn't like the song though.

Sexually appealing

Gave me mulitple boners. MULTIPLE! If you weren't my sister I would hump your leg.

ClockLock responds:

Thank goodness you're my bro then. =D

Good work!

But you shouldve put jameslock in there ^_^
Anyway i liked the way you drew most of the ll in your own way.

ClockLock responds:

Thanks dude! =D I don't like mixing styles, so, I had to redraw everyone. That's one of the reasons it took so bloody long. <3


I never thought about a rusty mace! Anyways, I loved that song ever since I saw it used for a Rurioni Kenshin video. Locks and clocks together :'-). Nice work, keep that shiznet comin.

ClockLock responds:

Of course we got Locks & Clocks. =D The rivalry between the LL and CC is only staged. =D



ClockLock responds:

<3 Much love man, much love.