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Reviews for "Butterfly -- Lock Legion"

whoooo cameo

thanks for the cameo clocky. nice job.

-Barrel Lock

Locks and Clocks in the same flash?

I know that can't be a good thing, especially if there's hardly any fights with locks and clocks in, but I don't think that should matter much since I'm not a clock freak or a lock freak. However, I did enjoy the flash and the last part of the flash was funny and random since I wasn't expecting anything like that. Oh, this flash has nice quality, so you shouldn't be too worried about people voting 0 or 1 on this flash. Good work.

ClockLock responds:

Thanks much dude. =P Too bad there's a lot of folks who would give this a zero without thinking. I don't mind 3's and the like if they gave a lot of good reason behind it...


Holy shit! That was amazing... I loved it... The ending was priceless, and had me laughing for about five minutes before writing this review...

I'm hanging around with Marshmallow, he's asleep right now, but I'm show it to him when he wakes up.
Awsome job Clock... except for me not being in it.

It must be said:

This is one of the best "Butterfly" flash I have seen in a long time. I like the song, the jokes inbetween, and the humor in the end. It deserves a perfect five!

Billybob is an idiot!!!


Excellent job there clocky

~ Winchester

ClockLock responds:

Thanks much, my good friend. =D Squee!