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Reviews for "Butterfly -- Lock Legion"

I <3 u clocky, this rocked

ClockLock, I think that you are one of the greatest flash artists

1. you showed that the LL & CC can be freinds
2. you are awesome
3. that "I will anally rape all of you w/ a rusty mace was GENIUS

Signed, SwordBlock [leader of the future Block Batallion (BB)

not bad...

not bad at all... I also saw a cameo apperence of bobobobobobobo
on this movie...

Not bad

Finally, a lock submission that doesn't suck!! Very good animation, and I definitly enjoyed the song that was chosen for this flash.

nice job

the music and animation quality wua good
but i thought the ending was.......weird
still keep it up


I have to say this is a good flash i've never really heard of the Lock legion till like 3 days ago...but anyways this is a nice flash,the song gets stuck in your head though =P ill be humming that for the next 3 days or so...Im gonna watch it again^.^