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Reviews for "Clay Death - Episode 2"


I've never seen a claymation in Flash before! An eye-opener. That must have been mind-numbing indeed! Good job overall, and good job getting it all under a megabyte.


I think that's the best stop motion movies I've ever seen. I can't believe you got 193 images under 1 meg without making them look like total dog shit. Good job.

Well Done!

What most ppl don't realize is that Claymation/Stop-Go-Animation, is very hard and time consuming. Just 30 seconds of animation can take several days. I personaly think that you did an outstanding job for an amature! Well done, and keep it up. Though, in the future, you may want to work on creating more complicated/detailed figures/characters, and perhaps investing in a higher grade camera and better lighting. If you do this, and keep working at it, you may even have a chance at doing this at a career.


this is a fukin masterpiece!
me too i'm startin whith claymovies, and this is is a great movie for look to........

Clay is GOOD!!!

More clay...