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Reviews for "Clay Death - Episode 2"

Cool Clay-mation


keep fingure by close button.

what was that? i could bear to watch the rest. effort schmeffort!! only if you had e-bola, was 8 yrs old and drunk could you make a worse piece of ??art??. did you even watch it before ypu submited it? not later!!

pathetic. simply pathetic.

Thats' all I have to say when I saw this piece of crap. Sorry about the score, but I'm a member and DO have the right to review movies and games. send me something if you want to talk about this.

Come on....

Damn. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this. You have talent I'll give you that.... but can't you make something more original with your talents? Two clay men fighting with a stick isn't exactly entertaining. Try using different fighting techniques and maybe introduce the characters so we know who they are. Perhaps even add in a win loss record. This has potential, but you have to unlock it. Kepp trying.


Heee this is no flash this are some stupid pics.
NG is for flash no pics you asshole