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Reviews for "Clay Death - Episode 2"

great job!

i didnt get to see the first one, but this sure kicks ass. are you a fan of wrestling? maybe try a clay wrestling match or something... i can see it now, steel chairs, title belts, powerbombs... body parts flying off and the wrestlers beating each other with their opponents arms and legs and stuff. i dont know if its been done before... but i figured id make a suggestion. looking foward to more!

made me smile!

Entertaining little movie, its short, but stop motion movies take FOREVER to make. Worthy of praise.

That was pretty cool...

Claymation kicks ass.

Only thing is..

Sound was way to repetative...

not bad not bad

I liked that potential... I think the figures need to be straightened out as it progressed.. by which i mean, i noticed they were starting to get mushed and distorted, probably from workin on them.. oh and THERE WAS A PART ONE?

MattyLite responds:

Yea, they did start to melt a little, because my room is hot - VERY HOT. at least 40% hotter than th erest of the house, so the clay people started to melt . . . I have to put them in the freezer every now and then so they are workable.