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Reviews for "Clay Death - Episode 2"


Make the movie play faster and have more wepons a bigger screen and more people that fight.


That was sweet, man! If you make it longer, (I know 193 images is alot) but if you made it like 1000 and someone made the size smaller that would be great. That's some cool stuff.

i think you'll like "the neverhood".

okay - this is kind of a review for both movies because when i saw that in 2 you said that you already read the 1 episodes reviews - i saw its hopeless to write there, so here we go.
a. claymination is very hard, and you did a very kool job.
b. i see you use flash, and i bet that you import the pictures one by one - well there are some frames that you can make larger - for instance the frame where he holds the trophy - make it a ten framer.
c. all and all a great job, keep it up!
d. ("the neverhood" - a dreamworks pc game made entirly out of clay, check it out!).


1st time I've seen a clay film on NG.

Damn this is good.

WHOAH!!! Claymation! Perfect! More sound effects would be very cool such as music/incidental music etc... The little awards presenter is pure ambrosia. MORE MORE MORE!