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Reviews for "Clay Death - Episode 2"

pathetic. simply pathetic.

Thats' all I have to say when I saw this piece of crap. Sorry about the score, but I'm a member and DO have the right to review movies and games. send me something if you want to talk about this.

fun little claymation

heres a tip: set the FPS to 15 or higher to make smoother animation. But there's a catch, the higher you put the FPS, they more frames you have to make. This is becasue the frames are moving at a faster rate, and in order to not make it go by too quickly, you need maybe 8+ shots for each action (punch,kick, fall, ect.)

please make more though, the gore was sweet lol :)

Yeah, it was fun...

Two claymen fighting to death with a pencil....hehehe..sorry I can not hide that I actually laughed.

Come on....

Damn. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this. You have talent I'll give you that.... but can't you make something more original with your talents? Two clay men fighting with a stick isn't exactly entertaining. Try using different fighting techniques and maybe introduce the characters so we know who they are. Perhaps even add in a win loss record. This has potential, but you have to unlock it. Kepp trying.


I was a fan of the first Clay Death, cause I used to make clay movies of my own for fun, and I'm glad to see that you actually came out with a new one that was even cooler than the first. Keep it up, and I'm looking forward to ep.3!