Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

Frickin' Great

All of my friends at school always play this on the computer as soon as we have some free time on the computer. Wonderful game.


Great game played it with my bro for about an hour and a half. first we were having fun killing each other but then we found out killing that damn pigeon is hilariously fun.
XD. good job and good luck

Good Start

Good game, if you work on it enough, improve the coloring and graphics and make it online many people will love it, imagine that with bigger maps, and obstacle for people to try and hide in with different weapons and killstreaks. Games always start this way try to develop more, pm me if you do try and change it so i can test it out


w00T, played 4 hours wit friendz

good, but

i wish it was online, not on one keyboard. my keyboard is small so i cant really play with two or more people. i love shooting doown the birds though.