Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

Best Mutliplayer WWII game ever

I like the pixels. But a problem is, is that japan doesn't work on lap tops or on some other computer. You should make japan; l;' i don't know, i love is, when you make a 2nd one, put bombs and such, but you only have 3 bombs and you can also make money to buy more bombs or upgrades to make you plane go faster (etc) and the shop would be you base. You click your base and then you click what you want. also if you can, add CPU. LOVE It

great game

really fun game to play with your friends but can you add mute button it is really annyoing

i agree

this is one of the best game ever.just one problem,i just wish it wasnt pixel

never gets old!

the only problem is you stall way too easy


Can you put this game online? The servers: Multiplayer flash games are about to become much easier to make. Check out blossom-server.com (that's by Jiggmin)