Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

Kool Game , Need More Things

It is fun and all but, can u add some more stuff on it like , story mode ,Vs: 1P vs Com,1P vs 2CPU,1P vs 3CPU , 1P vs 2P, 1P vs 2P vs 3P,1P vs 2P vs 3P vs 4P,stuff like that I give 10 stars to this game.


its a fun game, but ther sould be a campain mode. or atleast have AI control a predetermined amount of enemies.


i likeit but it is a little hard


its good but you need minimum 2 players to play.

Good, but...

The planes. Oh dear the planes. You made the American plane faster than the rest, which is a) historically wrong and b) extremely biased for the other players. Bar from that a good game, though perhaps making a single player game would add to it.