Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

Some ideas

The game is good,but you should really add a few bots,a team battle like for people to spawn out of the same building,and maybe a multiplayer for other Newgrounds players to join in.

nice but

try adding a player vs bot vs bot vs bot mode

Perfect! Try to put it on some other web sites.

This game is GREAT! The whole 4 player thing was perfect. Me, my dad, and my brother all played.To take this game further, this type of game would fit in great at Nitrome.com. The grafics, the type of game, and the multiplayer thing is just like every other game on that web site - try to get it on. And I have to agree with "305gangster" when he said that "graphics have nothing to dowith a good game" but I disagree with every body else about the online advantage. If you do that there would proboly be a lag in the game.

P.S. - paper957 - You are a retard! Give it a 0 because you couldn't get off the ground. You must be going strait up of taking off too soon.


This is a good idea for a game, but I think you could add AI or maybe make it online. That would be awesome/

This game is freekin stupid!

I got off the ground for like a second and then my plane freekin SHUTS OFF! This sucks!