Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"


this is crunk fo shiizzam this is awesome man!


it will be even better if u made it online, ar maybe throw in some AI. ohter than needing two people to play it, it is a very good game.

I Love it!

perfect ten! graphics have nothing to dowith a good game. The graphics were simple so there was no lagging. And the whole 4 person thing was great! I only got 1 word for you. multiplayer. If you made it multiplayer ratings would go up and people would be playing 24/7. Loved it!

aousome doesn't get nay better!

perfect game !!!!!!ausome addicting!!
make it multiplayer with like a bigger screen that would be sick cant wait and how did you make this game?


always fun to play with freinds!

I agree with the other cvomment before - online multiplayer would be awesome!