Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"

Great Game

Simple Yet Very entertaining! Great game. Love the 4 player.

Those aren't glitches.

Great Game! P.S. bigFoot, those aren't glitches, if you hit the roof you instantly stall, sometimes going over the screen before it takes effect. Also, if you are spiraling down, and you shoot, you can shoot down and crash into your bullet, killing you. They aren't glitches, just funny results of the game's regular controls! :)

its a awesome game

kinda awesome dude

Really good but...

Its great except that there are a few glitches. One was when I was flying I got the blue power up and ended up someow shooting myself. Ive also gone really fast and dissapeard above the screen and came crashing down. I loved the art and gameplay just try to fix the glitches. looking forward to online MP.

pretty good

might play it again