Reviews for "Dogfight - air battles"


wow this rules..

lol, suicide by own bullet

ok try this kill a pidgeon until you get thebackwars shot then fly in a level straight line and wait till you are almost at the edge ofthescreen and fire... youll reappear on the other side and kill yourself!

okfor the review...

2 words: Multiplayer Online
It would be awesome with a bigger screen and 8 players...

Dont you agree?

Those aren't glitches.

Great Game! P.S. bigFoot, those aren't glitches, if you hit the roof you instantly stall, sometimes going over the screen before it takes effect. Also, if you are spiraling down, and you shoot, you can shoot down and crash into your bullet, killing you. They aren't glitches, just funny results of the game's regular controls! :)

This game is awesome yet so simple :D

For all who dosent know, the birds give secret bonuses like:

Turn fast.
Fly fast.
Shoot fast.
Shoot behind you.
Or just kill you.

Nice :D

Hahah what a nice game. I had a lot of fun with 4 players xD