Reviews for "GunChest"


pretty good animations and nice graphics. u used the music from Painkiller!:) It made me wanna go play Painkiller right now! lol

God bless everything that comes from Asia

It's like a anime-based game, and like all said are just can't let you stop watching, unlike american movies, ect. You sometimes forget it's just a flash because I must say it Asian people are the best to make such stuff and let their style WON'T EVER BE DOWN/HAVING ELEMENTS of other countires, because it's just gonna fall down. WATCH/PLAY IT.

fucking awesome

If anything i ever voted and reviewed deserved a 10/10 its this piece of extroadinary work. 100% recomended to watch. Im going to play it again now, IT RULES


wow.... this is a very VERY GOOD... but a few point that you miss out in the fighthing game is...dont make a move until it like ultimate that the AI cant beat...once the battle started i just hold back+X and that robot is going to the recycle bin.... well... it a really fun game and this is one of my favorite ^^V
Shouta give it a 9......out of 10 XD

That was awesome...

That was probably one of the best flash's I've seen on here... Like the game aspect of it too. But I wasn't to fond of the controls of the game. But it still gets 10's all around! Just wish there was more movie after the game...