Reviews for "GunChest"

Intresting concept

The movie looked really nice but, frankly, the game really was not good at all. so you get a lower score. Good try, but flash fighting games are kinda hard to make anyway, so don't feel to bad.


Well done, you did pretty good with this Movie/Game!


well the movie part was KICK ASS the only problems was the lips and other small parts like that the game was a bit hard but still do able keep up the good work

This Isn't Much Of A Movie, More Of A Cheesy Intro

I don't really get the whole anime thing and I never will. So sorry to say that I did not like this flash one bit. I thought it was as stupid as all the dumb japanese anime shows that are based on kung-fu and that is pretty much it. Until this gets a good storyline it will get no good rating from me.

very good

i'm probably the only person who wasnt reminded of megaman at first glance, but for some reason was reminded of Metropolis and Astro Boy instead... oh well, very good flash, the end fight being a game was creative, hope to see more like this!