Reviews for "GunChest"

Sweet movie but...

It was animated really well and the action kept me entertained. However, once the movie got into the game, I became bored. The game should not have been included. I feel it would be better if you removed the game and left it just as a movie.

good game

all right 4/5 not that many moves to do a seqaul (i cant spell that word) or improvment would be nice.

great game but...

the controlls are a bit slow and sticky


The 3D graphics were very nive and very well done
The fact that you made it where you ( or person watching the movie) got to kill the boss was simply awesome this is something im going to put in my fav. please keep up the great work.


Yeah this is a lot like megaman

But then again I guess everyone gets their ideas from somewhere. None the less though , this was done extremly well.