Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"

Lol Family Guy

I love this quiz (the first two thirds, anyway), mainly because it's Family Guy, and also because I can do pretty good on it. The questions aren't too hard(most of them), and the sound clips are all suprisingly good quality. Good job.

Pretty fun

Yah, that was kinda of fun... except when i read review blondi3 made. thx 4 givin us the answer, jack***


all of it is to easy ecept for the last 3 Qs... wy are we suposed to know about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

Oh Dang....

I got a 400 (flawless) its kinda obvious....

well for those of you that dont know:

1. head
2. slap
3. country music star
4. egg calendar
5. and no play makes stewie a dull boy


1. B.
2. B.
3. B.
4. C.
5. A.
6. A.
7. A.

1. Seth Green
2. Seth Mcfarlen
3. Seth Mcfarlen
4. Mila Kunis
5. Seth Mcfarlen
6. Seth Mcfarlen
7. Kent,, Connec.
8. Woodbury


You won this time, bub............. O:-)