Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"

Very good

Very uniqe idea.

And to funkynut it was done by an older man! (Read the notice) Why would you think that someone other than a teenager wouldn't voice a flash cartoon!?!?

i liked this very much

such a different idea and it was nice that santa's voice sounded like an older man instead of done by a teenager trying to sound old.


good movie, fantastic that u got roger moore 2 do the voice, amazing that he'd actually do something like that...btw, what money was 4 unicef??

POX responds:

Thanks! Moneywise, everyone did the cartoon for free, including His Rogesty. So we donated our time to Unicef to get people to visit the Unicef website (and Roger's site, which has links to Unicef) who otherwise probably wouldn't have done.

Only 2 Words

Only two words can describe this flash. FUCKING BRILLIANT !

Greetings from Canada,


Yay Roger Moore

What can I say really? This flash movie is great. It may not be the most graphically amazing piece but the voice acting is superb from all and it has left me wondering why Roger Moore has never played Father Christmas. Lol.
I loved it. Was a good piece of flash not just for Christmas but on a whole. Will not ask for details like how you got the money to go to Monaco and what it was like to work with Roger Moore but I will say good luck with any future projects you embark on.