Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"

I can believe you got the real Roger Moore for this. I mean, it's such an elegant voice. I'm glad you make such unique cartoons. I especially like the way it's literally framed. It has a nice heartfelt appearance to it. It's just a fun little cartoon.

I like how you give a lot of emotion to his live-action face. Yes, this does have its own page on the IMDb! I wonder how many Newgrounds cartoons have those. I'll probably only review this here. Those flies are pretty cute.

nice "cherry"

i liked the death of robo deer and the raindeers watery eyes


Wowza. Thats awsome that you guys actually got Roger Moore to voice a flash cartoon!
You guys must be pretty big time in London.
I really liked this submission too.
It's one of the few cartoons on this site that gives you a good feeling that isnt immoral or dispicable, lol.
I also enjoy the rest of your submissions and can hardly wait til your next one.

quite nice

but who is Roger Moore?

Not too bad..

I'm not giving you a high mark because you got Roger Moore to do some voice acting buddy ;)

It was alright, but that's all. I liked the artwork but the story was just.. not funny enough, or not cartoony enough. That is, it sometimes took a little too long for some actions to occur. I suggest you spend some days in front of the TV getting inspiration and then do another movie ;)

If you can get Roger Moore to do your voice acting then you will be able to do much better