Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"



POX responds:

Once again, Awsum Man, I am impaled on your rapier-like wit! Amazing!

This was reported on TV..

I might be a little slow with this. But I'm quite sure I saw this reported on BBC News this morning. Am I missing something?

Anyhoo, nice.

POX responds:

That's right - this morning Roger was on BBC Breakfast talking about Unicef and the animation. He said he was very chuffed about the whole thing.

Yes, it was a terrific flash

As the other writer said. Very good, and definately cute. Somehow, Roger Moore makes a terrific Santa:D Good job!

Holy Moore!

Well sir, (or should I say sirs?) your work is impeccable. It didn't get my highest rating, simply because though it was terrific, it wasn't bang-up (as the great Roger Moore might've said). It was definately humorous, though, and I think the part that truly suprised me the most was the fact that you actually got Roger Moore to do this with you. Being a respected British actor as he is, I'd have thought that he (like many celebrities here in the states) would believe that such a profitless project (albeit rather fun and enjoyable) was beneath him. However, this is where I was wrong. So, I salute you folks for showing us a good time (and that it is possible to have a funny flash without profanity, toilet humor or sexual inuendos) and I especially would like to thank Roger Moore for participating in such a wonderfully crafted piece of work.

Merry Christmas...

A verry nicely done christmas flash... it really put you in the christmas mood... I mean, it got Santa, and dears... And even a flie... CouldĀ“nt get any better... Nice done!