Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"


Very cute and lovely. The fly was nicely drawn, oh let's be honest: everything was nicely drawn! I didn't make me laugh my nuts off, but it sure was great. These are the kind of flash that bring smile upon your face and a real christmas mood. :)
Would be fun if You would make one with the easter bunny too.

Abso-lutely AWESOME!!!

Roger Moore, Christmas and a cute fly...what more could I want? Nothing! This is absolutely excellent and deserves a 5 along with a coveted spot on my Favorites list. If only more Flash films were as great as this one!

THAT... Was made in Flash?

I'm so jealous.


Probably the most professional piece of Flash work i've ever seen.

Good job!

This was the first flash cartoon I EVER saw...

And it was this cartoon that first inspired me to do my cartoons! I'd forgotten this cartoon and thanks to NG I've found my happy place again! Your animation and cartoon style is a real tear jerker and the whole thing flows like liquid gold. AMAZING! PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER!

Great Flash

I was born on June the 16th. The flash was very good and a lot of fun. I especially like the mince pie joke. Who would have ever thought that Roger Moore would be willing to voice a flash animation. But he did and it was very good. I be looking for father christmas and his fly pulling the sleigh this year.