Reviews for "The Fly Who Loved Me"

Very nice, indeed

Very clever flash movie. I especially enjoyed the fact that you got Roger Moore to do the voicework for you. Overall, a nice Christmas flash movie.

OOooo... Roger Moore... impressive!

Not bad...
I would be further impressed with some more music, but good overall.
FYI >> for all you out there who don't know what Unicef is, it stands for United Nations Children's Fund
(for poverty stricken kids).

This is Fu*cking bad.

since when was Roger Moore santa.
NEVER and this is a crap that even does not deserve to be here.

POX responds:

I think I can answer your question "since when was Roger Moore santa". The answer is obviously "now". Since now. He was santa since now.
Happy Xmas!

OK then ???

Yeah that was somthing new how does a fly hold up a 500 pound fat man ???

POX responds:

That's nothing - I hear there is a documentary you can see called "Finding Nemo" which has a talking fish in it. I'm not kidding! Sick or what?


Nice animation. Cool graphics and style. I liked the fly's voice. But why is always christmas for the flies ?? Hehehe.