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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"

What's the song playing on ORO?

Kinda boring...

look im going to say what i think, the movie just repeats itself all the time, you guys really could do somenthing better, i see the graphics, theyre really good but u have to get a better idea, create a storyline, i dont know but do somenthing!


The only thign entertaining was the ball in the start... :(


Not that it's a contest. Great compilation, I know how time consuming frame by frame animations are, especially when trying to create anything complicating. Simple line is a brilliant idea.

It's awesome.

Here's the thing: the graphics ranged anywhere between suckish to super awesome. And it's totally pointless. But here's why I gave you a 5 and 10:

The animation is astounding. You just don't find quality animation like that every day, so seeing that kind of animation in this is just so fantastic. Also, the pointlessness makes it very entertaining. It's totally impossible to predict what will happen while watching this, and that amused me a lot, which is why I watched it till the end.

This ROCKS, I love it!