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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"


think about it.... you didnt have krinkels.... all his work is FBF....ah well! cant change past mistakes! it was pretty good, kept me entertained!

i was....

who are the singers in the tfc one?

wow, sweet

i love these simple line flashes, even though they arnt that simple XD
definatly one of the most creative and abstract movies on newgrounds
this thing deserves a 10
the only way i can imagine it could be better is with a seasure moment where everything flashes, i like those :P



Nothing i love more then a well put together colab

No joke. This was well exeuted and flawless. This is now my second-favorite collab ever(after beat up sandbag).

Graphics: Well all the random lines flying around was pretty hypnotic. THis was well drawn. 9
Style: 6, you all had seperate parts and songs. I'd like it more if it was all one song. You don't have to change this if you don't want to.
Sound: 10, if this weren't a music video, sound effects would be awesome, but you didn't put any, which makes it more awesome.
Violence: LOL i've always wanted to see a spongebob character killed >:] 10
Interactivity: Well there's the interactive ball so I'll give you a 5 for that.
Humor: No comment, 7