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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"

One line summary? Impossible.

Nice soundtrack, (Mindless Self Indulgence, sweet!) Great animation, and TOTAL ENSAYNE RANDOMNESS! I saw this one, and to realize it is a series is awesome! This one goes straight to my favorites.

That was great.

I must say, the was pretty cool. Using simple lines for flashes.

Hope to see a #8

Keep up the good work.


was that MSI in oro's [great] animation?
if so, great =) i loved oroos, tox's and teh rest
the description was right, some of the best FBF animators yet!


Nice work guys!!!!!!!!!Just one thing....how come patrick had to die???He was innocent....unless being stupid is a crime....next time,dont kill patrick,kill........TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!Yea!

P.S.can any1 tell me the music toxicbomb used for his 'movie'?Thx.


msi goes realy well with this kind of wiered shit good job