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Reviews for "A Simple Line 7"

HOLLY SHI-...cow

Sorry dude, I didn't like it. It was really, really weird and I didn't get it. But it was ok I guess.

I love this series

Guys, this series is probably my favorite on NG. It's creative, imaginative, and it's just real fun to watch. NG needs to make put this in its own collection series.Haha, this is also super fun to watch when your high(good advice.) Good job to all who worked on this and make more.


This is so cool! I liked TFC's the best, well actualy i liked them all, exept for the third one. The animation was ok but i didnt like the music.

Still, good gob everyone!

Not bad :)

Nice one, 'nuf said

PS.: i like thirstyforchicken's part the best.


I don't know what to say. The animation was amazing, the music was great, the only thing I feel bad about is.. *sniff* poor patrick *sniff* so young..