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Reviews for "Cool Things 396"

not funny

you guysneed to grow up, your not in fifth grade anymore. Those are the kinds of jokes an eleven year old would use before he got his mouth washed out with soap.

Coffee-lock responds:

I am the bot, I am the soap, I am the fifth grade.


shudda listend in class m8 kus tht was a waste o time

Coffee-lock responds:

Your mum is a waste of time!
Yeah, I know, what wasen't funny :(

Pratty random.

Ah Cats on Mars, I love that song. Your video contained a bit too much "omfg teh 1337 h4x0r 14ngu4g3" which is ok but... you overdid it a bit. The "fish pr0n" part was hillarious though. Work on fading your music in and out when you change tracks. Click on the key frame that contains the music, go to the properties of that keyframe and choose "custom" for sound settings and you can adjust the music to fade out or in at a specific frame number.

Coffee-lock responds:

I know how to fade, fool. I didin't want to, so like it's just random and you don't expect the next scene swap.


that was so fucking retarded

Coffee-lock responds:

That's what I was aiming for.

quite funny

quite funny, for a random piece of flash that has nothing to do with anything