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Reviews for "Cool Things 396"

Funny But sick

Funny you deserve to stay in NG
Good work!

Out of all the undecided blam/Protect today this has been the best?

Why would anyone blam?

That was insane

That made my eyes go nuts.
60 frames per second is Awesome!

Coffee-lock responds:

Lol, actually it was only 25 Frames per second. But, it did make your eyes go nuts so it still did the job.


7 Thumbs up! :)

Coffee-lock responds:

How about 8?

always funny, that kind of shit

i laughted my ass off , but remember, arfenhouse is teh m4st3r! >=)

Coffee-lock responds:

Aww yeah nigga. Good to see you enjoyed it!


This falls under that category of flash movies where one wonders if they are stoned or not. I give you a ten in style for being so screwed up. How much boredom set in to make this