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Reviews for "Cool Things 396"

Pretty great

Well considering that a flash you made out of boredom at school it better than most of the flashes i make, lol. Good job though, like the music.

Wahey! Pretty funny!

Better than the last one, I have to add. A lot more emphasis on masturbation/blowjobs, though! :P I loved the Matrix spoof and the Ricky Gervais dance, and also, the way you flicked randomly in the middle of a song was great. However, the music was grating and it was just a bit pointless. Nevertheless, good fun!

Coffee-lock responds:

Thanks for the constructive review. :)

ill watch it when i'm stoned...

and thats if i dont have a seizure because of the first bit, slow the flashing down!

Coffee-lock responds:

But, I thought seizures were supposed to be fun?

not funny

you guysneed to grow up, your not in fifth grade anymore. Those are the kinds of jokes an eleven year old would use before he got his mouth washed out with soap.

Coffee-lock responds:

I am the bot, I am the soap, I am the fifth grade.

It made me laugh...

... and I don't laugh that much so that means I liked it.