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Reviews for "Cool Things 396"

quite funny

quite funny, for a random piece of flash that has nothing to do with anything

What was that about?!

I dont know what the hell this was all about, but one thing is certain... next time im gonna preach to my friends why you shouldnt take drugs for any other reason than medical, im gonna show them this animation!!!

Coffee-lock responds:

Haha, nice work little buddy.

It's not that good...

Personally, I didnt like it.


Ummmmm that realy all i can say =|
iver you was very high on drugs or hyper on caffeen :P
that has to be the weired thing i ever seen.....

Coffee-lock responds:

Haha, cool.

Run away!!!! Dont watch this... oh sorry

Not that great I hope you did just shit this out in class, b/c if this is one of your best works, you need to stop now.