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Reviews for "Cool Things 396"


or, al least, i dont dislike it at all :)

Coffee-lock responds:

Wicked. :)

ill watch it when i'm stoned...

and thats if i dont have a seizure because of the first bit, slow the flashing down!

Coffee-lock responds:

But, I thought seizures were supposed to be fun?


This was really cool. I enjoyed it.

Coffee-lock responds:

Good to hear...uh, read.

Wahey! Pretty funny!

Better than the last one, I have to add. A lot more emphasis on masturbation/blowjobs, though! :P I loved the Matrix spoof and the Ricky Gervais dance, and also, the way you flicked randomly in the middle of a song was great. However, the music was grating and it was just a bit pointless. Nevertheless, good fun!

Coffee-lock responds:

Thanks for the constructive review. :)

Pratty random.

Ah Cats on Mars, I love that song. Your video contained a bit too much "omfg teh 1337 h4x0r 14ngu4g3" which is ok but... you overdid it a bit. The "fish pr0n" part was hillarious though. Work on fading your music in and out when you change tracks. Click on the key frame that contains the music, go to the properties of that keyframe and choose "custom" for sound settings and you can adjust the music to fade out or in at a specific frame number.

Coffee-lock responds:

I know how to fade, fool. I didin't want to, so like it's just random and you don't expect the next scene swap.