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Reviews for "Ice Cap Final Act"

oh the memories

You really did a number on my head with this one. It brings back old memories of when I had no worries and I just played Sonic all day. It sounds even better than the original Ica Cap song which is seems to be ruled as pretty good in my book.

It also sounds like it could towards being credit music for a game or flash or possibly the music you hear before reaching a final boss. The fade out effect was pretty greatly used to your advantage as well.

Well enjoyed and downloaded.


LightKeeper responds:

Well thanks. I tried to really "remix" this song instead of just remastering it. If there's one thing I've learned, you can't be fully proud of a remix until you add your own element truly to it and remix the composition. Ice Cap has always been one of my favorites from the Sonic classics and I'm glad I've done this song justice. I was also a little worried about the fade, but I'm glad it turned out good.

Thanks for the review SCTE3!

Very good

This is a very good remix, Ice cap zone is a good level, not to mention the music. Well done.

(one thing tho, i recomend slightly lower synthesing rythem)
Otherwise very good!!

LightKeeper responds:

You mean the bass or the square? The bass is kind of necessary to be up louder, as I'd even have like to have gotten it up more then where it is, but that wasn't possible. I'm working on adding more to this song though anyway for a submission at OCRemix, it probably won't be available here so look for it there, I'll see what I can do about the "synthesing rythem" there. Thanks for the review and critique.

Oh by the way, the OCRemix version will have a solo at the end, that just as to make you want it now. :P

Impressive remix

IMO best Ice Cap remix i've ever heard.
Very impressive love the Piano!

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot. This, I'd have to say, has been one of my hardest worked on pieces. Really, thanks a lot.

I danced to this all day

I literary danced to this all day!

Any Sonic fan would LOVE this music! Thanks for putting it in a video game where others can put it on their faves and listen to it whenever they can.

LightKeeper responds:

Glad to know you danced ALL DAY! haha
Reviews like this let me know I did something right :D


This is fantastic! I'm a giant sonic fan!

LightKeeper responds:

Glad you enjoyed!