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Reviews for "Ice Cap Final Act"


This has a cyber/night kind of feel to it. Almost like Sonic the Werehog invading a frozen Eggman base.

Oh, and the very last second of the track is just pure silent, I noticed.

LightKeeper responds:

Haha never thought of it that way. Though I never actually played Unleashed, I heard the whole Werehog deal was a total blow.

The last second wasn't meant to be purely silent, just came with the fade I guess. Thanks for the review. :)

Reli must learn flash (me)

Awesome tune ^^, icecap was my fave from sonic, and this is even better :), I can totaly see the scene before me. I just wish I could do flash, I wanna make it to this tune ><. I'm just useless at drawing frame by frame, and tweening is cheap and looks aweful.

Great job dude ^^.

LightKeeper responds:

Hey, thanks for the review man. Glad you liked this song. You know what, I think you should go ahead and practice drawing and flash if you're really into it. Who knows, you may develop a real talent for it. You just have to practice for it. I wasn't making songs like this when I first started out, so don't put too much pressure on yourself with flash. Again, thanks for the review. :)


Better than the other two acts of IceCap. AWESOMEJOB!

LightKeeper responds:

Haha thanks

Not often...

...But sometimes I come across a remix that deviates from the source material a decent bit without losing the sound of what they're supposed to be remixing. This does that very well, keeping the original theme while adding something completely new to the mix, with a story to boot! I like the visualization you put in it, and it helps me understand the feeling of the song as well. Nice one, it gets a download.

LightKeeper responds:

Thanks a lot. As I progressed with this one I just felt as though it had a certain finality in its feeling, so I put that into narrative and that seems like it's gotten across to people fairly well. It gives the song some purpose I guess.

The first thing you said was the intention behind the mix. I made an Ice Cap remix a long time ago on another account and it was received too well. One of the biggest, and probably greatest, pieces of criticism I received accounted for the unique sound in this remix. The reviewer wrote something on the lines of, "When you make a remix, add your own tastes to the song." What he said applies to all remixes. If the song isn't enough of your own, then it is more of a remaster than a remix, isn't it?

Shadow:Getting Be Fun Huh

Sonic:Yeah Its Fun Time

LightKeeper responds:

I have no idea what that means, but thanks I suppose haha.