Reviews for "Eternal Sin - The Conquest"


The begginning was slow but the acoustic build up was good, a bit more bass and vocal would have been nice but a good start.

Goatchrist responds:

Thank you! The version with the good bitrate has more bass too.

Good stuff.

I wasn't really into it at first but after that acoustic bridge and the build up from there it really gets good :).
I think the bass is a bit weak though, I don't know how good your recording knowledge is but I know some little tricks to improve the bass so that it transfers from a mixdown environment to home listening one if you need it.

But yeah, I like :).

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks man, but those damn 128 kbit due to conversion don't help much either. There is definitely more bass in the *.wav or the 256 kbit version. 8 Megs for modern times? Pathetic.

Thanks for the review dude.