Reviews for "Eternal Sin - The Conquest"


holy shit its awsome!!!!! i will listen to this while going on my bezerker rampages!!!

Goatchrist responds:

Hehe, that's always a nice way of using my music ;) thanks!

This is...

...metal mastery of the first water.

Everything here is done excellently. And the vocals are -- gah! So haunting! I'm going to have nightmares tonight, that's for sure...

Five of five, ten of ten, a download, and a favorited artist for you, dude!


Goatchrist responds:

I'm glad you liked it so much, dude.

Thanks a hundred times!


its so awesome but u should try to get the singing louder but uther than that it realy was great

Goatchrist responds:

It is louder on the other tracks of said release, I just wanted this one to focus on the guitars. Thanks man!


This is really good! I salute you dude for creating something like this, im still having writers block on my lyrics

Goatchrist responds:

Don't worry, writers block doesnt last forever. It will come back.

Thank you!

Quite impressive.

Great riffs... Great melody.

The guitar playing was superb. I don't know how much criticism one could give to make this better. Sure the quality was lower then it could of been. Yet the tune levels that out and carries out its message.

It did what music was supposed to do. Moved and inspired. Great musical masterpiece here sir!

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks for the truly nice review man, appreciate it a lot.

I do what I can :)