Reviews for "Eternal Sin - The Conquest"

uber pwnage

dont tell my band mates i sad this but i HOPE we get this good

Goatchrist responds:

I won't tell 'em ;) thanks a lot man, let me know when you've got something up!


I can't think of anything else that comes to mind, its like, perfect, i love every bit of it. Great work man, keep it up.

Goatchrist responds:

Awesome ;) thank you a lot dude, glad you enjoyed it.

Nicely done, man.

Everything sounds crystal clear on all levels. Loved the clean intro and I doubt you could get a more evil sound on those motherfuckin vokills.
All the transitions were smooth as fuck. This was a dark piece, fucking thoroughly enjoyed by this headbanger.

Current Score

4.45 / 5.00 (+ 0.041)

Goatchrist responds:

and I thoroughly enjoyed reading that fine review of yours, my friend :)

Thank you!

Great work

Your leads are AWESOME! Like the drum sound here a lot as well. Your vocals are awesome as always. Quality sucks though, can't wait to hear the proper version.

Goatchrist responds:

Welcome to Newgrounds :P yeah, damn 128 kbit.

Thanks for the nice review my friend.

Damn Dude

I liked the music in this one way more than your others. But I didn't really like the vocals..but then again I am currently using the EEE PC. The Smallest Personal Computer! So the speakers kind of suck....so does the keyboard lol. I think I'd like it better as an instrumental.

Goatchrist responds:

This song is about the riffs and instruments anyway, as long as you can hear them clearly... ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed dude and thanks for your review. I'm not sure how different the release version will sound, not so sure yet.