Reviews for "Eternal Sin - The Conquest"

what i think?

im a metal fan and i hav to say this is the most carriest shit ever.
!!!!!!!!!!!!U GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goatchrist responds:

Haha, thank you man, but that is just me doing my shit. No other persons involved.


This is definitely the greatest thing you've ever done. This is truly great melodic black metal. You've really come amazingly far man. You deserve some money.

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks my friend, glad to hear that from you.

Haha, we'll see what's gonna happen with that money part ^^


Dude, i can see my mp3 (1g, because my Ipod went through the wash 7 times) filling up with epics, most of them yours...you put the effort in to produce kick arse vocals man, something i dont see a lot of on newgrounds! Yea, definently see the bathory in you! Keep it up, i want my new MP3 Full with great shit like this! 10/10 5/5

Goatchrist responds:

Hehe, I'm honored that your mp3 is filled with my stuff ^^ thanks a lot for the review man!

Excellent sound...I am loving it.

I have enjoyed this selection very much. The guitar work is absolutely incendiary....the drums are also well played. Please do continue to produce excellent music like this one....it is well appreaciated from my part.

Goatchrist responds:

..and reviews like yours are well appreciated from my part :) thank you!

dark and wicked

holy shit, this is like the devils band!

Goatchrist responds:

it's not THAT evil, is it? ;)

Thank you!