Reviews for "Eternal Sin - The Conquest"


I love this Song!

Goatchrist responds:

I'm glad you like it :)

Epic Win

That was great man, keep it up

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks a lot dude :)


Excellent build-up. And I'm glad that the lead wasn't all just a shred-fest. And from the 5-minute mark, it was absolutely epic.
I don't like black or death metal, but I do happen to like thrash and speed metal (go figure), so I really REALLY liked everything with the exception of the vocals. But since that's just my preference, you still get a 10.

Goatchrist responds:

I think a shred-fest wouldn't have fit in here, I agree.

Thanks for the nice review and your open-minded views ;)


awsome song dude!somehow the begininn really impressed me :)

Goatchrist responds:

Nice man, thanks :)


The intro blew me away. It was an instant download when the guitars kicked it!

This song is just begging to become famous! I mean seriously. The guitar solo was great and everything is well timed, you didn't just add voices at spots where the guitar was weak, you put them in to add to the already amazing guitar (which is a new one... listening to most heavy metal it is a load different, they scream and quiet the guitars...).

Wow, so much to say!

Hmmm... submit this to KROQ please, I want to listen to it while I'm in the car :3

Goatchrist responds:

Hey man, thanks for that detailed review! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm not a fan of vocals = loud and instruments = quiet. It's nice that you noticed that, though :) KROQ? I haven't used the site before, but I'll upload this in better quality on myspace soon. You can download it from there.

Thanks a lot, dude.