Reviews for "A special moment"

wow this is...... awesome

your truly a great artist why so few peaple gave this a review i shall never know


The sky is wonderful, you've lit the horizon brilliantly and the tree dragon chap is excellent. Well done.


I love dragons, and this is a really cool concept! My only beef though is with the horizon line - it merges together too much - there needs to be a stronger line separation to split the two.

other than that cool stuff!



Hey seriously, you arts are truly amazing.
Your "A special moment" gives a pleasant peaceful kind of feeling. The dragon looks wise too :)
Your arts are kinda cartoon like...Its very cool...but have you ever tried drawing very detailed and realistic dragons? Oh and do you have any links to your dA arts? You rocks.

archir responds:

Yes here is a link to my da gallery: http://ruth-tay.deviantart.com/gallery/

A dragon -tree ... thats quite original

never seen something alike...very original, nice job but i have a question...does it bear fruits ? and if so do they make you spit fire if you eat em? XD