Reviews for "A special moment"


This is amazing. It is literally the greatest thing I have seen on this site. Maybe even in my lifetime. Your other art is amazing, as well. But this one is definitely my favorite.

It was the moment just before a dragon ate him...

Great idea, beatiful lighting, a an overall magnificent painting, its easy to see why so many people like this picture, it really makes your imagination run wild, great stories could be the related to this picture, just yet to be told.


Oh, wow, it really blends, you know? It took me about 2 secs to realize it was a dragon! It's amazing, really! It makes you wonder if he's pretending to be a tree and the guy is suspicious, or if the guy actually knows he is a dragon...!

Very well done! ;D

That is so frigging cool looking!

Took me a minute to realize that it was a dragon and not just a tree. You shouls sell your art online on shirt or something, dude. I know I'd buy one.


I love the creativity in this picture, ive never even had it come up in my mind of a tree dragon. This sends my mind into a whirlwind of ideas, right now im imagining what it would look like flying =). 5/5 10/10 fav, keep up the good work :D