Reviews for "A special moment"


...at least for me. Haven't seen a tree-dragon depicted anywhere before in my life.
Very fueling for the imagination indeed.
I hope this picture inspires future video game creators, creatures as unique as these could make a really nice addition to any game.

The most amazing thing about this picture is probably the fact, that you finished it in just 6 hours. You're swift, girl!

I wish i could buy it and hang it on my room wall

its just beautifull and amazing painting

It reminds me of good times

It reminds me of the game Shadow of the Colossus... how beautiful.
I really like it.
And wow 6 hours holy jesus.

Gaah im gaping!!

This speaks for itself, like all the rest of your epic art!!
I have no idea why your not hugely famous, your better than any Illustrator or Artist i have ever followed ever, and u only take a few hours! The sky is orange too its great, i want everything to morphe into your drawings!
U r one talented woman!

0.0 amazing

This is... so.... Gezze! are there anyways to deiscripe this?
This amazing for amazing. My mouth slamed to the floor the monet I saw it.