Reviews for "A special moment"

here I thought I inveted the dragon-tree

But so much better than I could ever do. I really appreciate this piece. Fantastic job!

great artwork :)

i like how u didnt let the background just fade into the back and still gave it texture, including the texture to the objects of course, and also, tree or dragon, u decide :)

Best dragon picture i have seen 2day

Man... but i do have a suggestion, please fill up the space on the right, makes the picture feel lonely


I think this is my favorite piece of art from you (that i've seen). Not only does it look excellent, the best part is that it's creative. The only thing that could be better is the cliff edge without the grass is a little bit run together with the distant fields, which messes up the depth a little bit. That aside i think that the creativity and kickass look redeems it, 5/5, 9/10 stars.

Cool i like =-)