Reviews for "A special moment"

i love it

the only thing i have bad to say about it is that theres mosre focus on the background than the subjects


Archir, seriously, ever considered talking to a few people about maybe doing covers or collaborating your ideas with an author? Very lovely scene, almost seems like something you would dream of.


were you trying to make some sort of deagon/tree/ent


This is very well done, I love it. It reminds me of something you'd see in MiddleEarth-type drawings.

Its so creative my head is gonna explode!

Two obvious non original objects you expect to see in medieval based fantasy worlds. Plenty of trees and the odd dragon. But then you mash them up into a mesh and you got yourself a GREAT new addition for the world I am sure someone will probably steal and not give honest credit for.

I mean there are red(generally fire), green(generally normal), blue(generally cold), white(Generally Ice or stone), black(death or elite) and sometimes brown dragons. Next step, dragons with many heads, dragons which are more pure elemental based (kinda like a phoenix) and nexus or spirit sort of dragons.
Then! There is a tree dragon! Very mystical and Original! This picture here can suit a book cover. Good work.