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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

Very nice

Although I sometimes wish you stick with the original little tune. With some of your other songs you go completely a different way and it kinda screws me up. But you did a great job no doubt, I know I can't do any better. And you know you can always just change the original tune up or like somewhere in the middle. Well, I don't know that's just how I like this kinda music. Anyways, great job and looking forward to more.

Made me feel like when im waiting fer sumthin toDL

its like ya know how ur sitting there staring at the loading bar and as it slowly gets up to 90% u get more jumpy and u just want it to HURRY then it frezes and u get pissed at it and ur lIKE OMG WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! and then ur right about to throw a rampage and it hits a hundred and ur like :D anyway loved it period.

i like the song

i agree with darkapples 2:27-3:34 is on of the best song and after that it sounds the best in my own personal view

Very nice

I thought it was good. I felt bored before 1:35, but then I got into liking it a whole lot more. I enjoyed 2:27 to 3:34 the most!

Pretty good.

Most of the song was good, but the segment 2:27-3:35 was pretty boring. Could use more of a melody there.