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Reviews for "Yelltek - I'm Sorry"

Pretty true Shadowcamper but...

Us shufflers/ravers can do spins, kicks, and many things to get into such beats lol
Makes your shuffle more variated. For those who are puzzled trying to figure what the shuffle is, look for Melbourne Shuffle on youtube ;)
Anyways, awesome hardstyle my good friend, but you could extend on your bassline, It wasnt hard enough. It's really good, but need some extra "umph", you know, some extra boom in it. I want to feel the bass, not just hear it ;P
But Still, nice job, and hope to see more of you.

i like it

Pretty good hardstyle song but I'd recommend you to make your bass/kick to stay at a constant pace and not jump off after every 6-7 seconds because people shuffle to hardstyle and have to follow a repeating pace.

@ ParadoxVenom, this is hardstyle muthafuka

Awesome song and

don't listen to that ParadoxVenom guy, he's a dumbass!

This is a beautiful song.

It's a dramatic and smooth, but then it picks up energy giving a change in the tempo. It's beautiful techno. It's like one of those really slow and dramatic songs turning into a fight or something epic.


epicly awsome
im getin in to the hardstyle stuff too
hope to get as good as you
keep it up dude